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Additional information regarding rules and bylaws

Ethan Blanton-3
As promised, here are four bits of information for your perusal,
previously resolved by the board but not in our current bylaws:


    The board shall authorize incidental expenses not to exceed $20 to
    be charged as needed by officers of the corporation to enact
    orders and resolutions of the board of directors. These incidental
    charges shall include office supplies such as paper, envelopes,
    and postage.  Directors who make such charges are required to
    report their charges to the Treasurer, who will record the expense
    and reimburse the officer as appropriate.  

    Financial fees of unknown or unspecified amounts incurred through
    board-approved transactions at financial institutions with which
    the Corporation has a partnership are to be considered approved at
    the time of the approval of the transaction, providing that the
    financial fees do not exceed $50 or 5% of the transaction cost,
    whichever is lesser.  Financial fees exceeding this limit must be
    approved by the board of directors before the transaction can be


    Shall the Board of IM Freedom, Inc. adopt the conflict of interest
    policy hosted at
    minus those sections marked "Hospital Insert"?

    [This says "shall the ...", but we adopted it.  I believe this is
     a Federal requirement.  --elb]


    Any proposal dealing with the expenditure of more than a total of
    $100 (either as a one-time cost, or the sum of recurring
    expenditures), must be proposed at least one week before votes are
    collected.  It may either be proposed for an email vote with one
    week of notice, or proposed for vote at a board meeting, provided
    that the text of the proposal is present in the meeting agenda one
    week in advance.


    The board voted that the website contain the following:

    1) A statement clarifying that IM Freedom, Inc. does not direct
       the day-to-day development of Pidgin, libpurple, Adium, or any
       libpurple related project.

    2) A statement that any funds donated to IM Freedom, Inc. in no
       way entitle the donator to any special privileges or control
       over the activites of IM Freedom, Inc. or the disbursment of
       their donation.
    3) Information reguarding the public mailing list,
       [hidden email], and the archives of
       [hidden email] (as appropriate).
    4) A regularly updated statement on the activites being pursued by
       IM Freedom, Inc. as discussed on the mailing lists and voted on
       by the board.

Additionally, last board meeting we passed a resolution that the
Treasurer may "pay the representation bill [to NRAI] annually upon
notifying the board that [s]he has is doing so, and provided that the
bill does not change significantly from the previous year".


Board mailing list
[hidden email]
Discussion mailing list
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