Corrected Treasurer's report for 2014

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Corrected Treasurer's report for 2014

Ethan Blanton-3

As I mentioned on the call yesterday, I had a small discrepancy in the
2014 Treasurer's report due to missing paypal records.  Mark found a
way for me to access those records, so here is a corrected treasurer's

Note that there is a substantial change here, in that a significant
payment from Google for security development was listed in the
previous report neither as coming in nor going out!  This does not
change the opening or closing balances, but does change the income and
expenditures by about $5,000 each.


Opening balance: $26,318.16
Closing balance: $26,689.04


 $20000.00 in development costs
    225.72 in fees

   $549.66 in affiliate payments
  20015.00 in donations
      4.94 interest
     27.00 from Spreadshirt

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