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By: johnhab

So I had GAIM and GTK (as well as Gaim-Encryption plug-in and GNU Aspell) installed
on a secondary drive (not the same one as XP) which died and is unrecoverable.
GAIM and GTK still show up in Add/Remove Programs, but when I try to uninstall
them, since they're looking for the uninstall scripts on the dead drive, I get
an error.

If I try to reinstall GAIM w/GTK it doesn't work, I get all sorts of DLL issues,
and my machine will not connect to the Internet at all -- had to use system
restore to get back to a functioning system.

So I assume I have to go into the Registry and strip out the GAIM and GTK entries?
Any guidance/tips on that? Thx. John.

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