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Re: Suggestion for discussion: Can Pidgin development be made cross-platform?

Eion Robb-3
No reason Visual Studio can't be used.  I've used it in the past for compiling a plugin that needed to use Microsoft's C++ linking to work.  

The Instantbird guys use Visual Studio apparently for doing their builds. ( They mention something about an incompatibility with the time_t typedef though?)  

I've got a pidgin.vcxproj here that I can send through if that would help?  Otherwise, there's stuff in the source tree (in one of the summer of code branches) that has changes for compiling with Visual Studio.

There's also that might have some stuff in it (haven't checked)

On 7 September 2016 at 18:02, <[hidden email]> wrote:
On <a href="tel:07-09-2016%2001" value="+64709201601" target="_blank">07-09-2016 01:36, Eion Robb wrote:
Probably better to discuss on the developer mailing list, cc'd

Are you having trouble with development on Windows? Have you followed
all the steps on the BuildingWinPidgin wiki page?

I do all my development and testing solely on Superior Windows and
I've never really run into any problems. Just setting up the dev env
is what takes the longest, but that's not much harder than following
a few steps.

I guess I wasn't clear.

I like Visual Studio, and have been using it (with Visual Assist and other plugins) for quite some time.

Building Pidgin (and plugins) on Windows seems to require setting up a unix-like environment and tools.

Why cannot Visual Studio be used instead?

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