[telegram-purple] Can we get help for l18n of our plugin?

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[telegram-purple] Can we get help for l18n of our plugin?


tl;dr: Please help us translate our plugin!

Long version:

telegram-purple is a plugin for libpurple clients (mainly Pidgin, but
also actively supporting Adium) to support the Telegram Protocol.
Matthias Jentsch is the main developer behind it. He delegated l18n to me.

Telegram is an upcoming competitor to Whatsapp, and I see significant
parts of my social circle (especially outside of CS!) shifting towards
it. This plugin is currently being used in Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora,
(although not available yet from the official distros' repositories).
There have been successful builds on OpenBSD. So there definitely is a
large enough audience, at least for the "important languages" (see below).

For our translation efforts, we simply chose to use the same service as
We have reached "String Freeze", so no work will be in vain from here on.

We would like to extend our localization efforts beyond our own native
languages (we're both natively German, and both speak English more or
less well). We're especially looking for these "important languages":
- Spanish
- Russian
- Brazilian Portuguese
- Italian
These are where Telegram is most frequently used (ignoring German and
English). Also, someone needs to double-check our English; German
programmers are horrible at that ;-)

One of our users has started the Russian translation, but this approach
doesn't scale well. Also, we hadn't reached String Freeze when he
started, so some of his efforts are lost. (Sorry, Sergey!)

So, is anyone interested in translating our plugin? Any further
information you'd like to know before you can start?

With regards,
Ben Wiederhake

PS: If you want to see telegram-purple in action:
git clone --recursive https://github.com/majn/telegram-purple
This doesn't include the "unstable" translation feature yet. So to test
your translations, please see:
git clone --recursive --branch develop-translation
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